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Six Sigma
Cpk compares to PPM


There are many examples of the results of implementing a six sigma objective, and it seems to work even though there are criticisms of the system by some. In order to use six sigma, you CANNOT just take any given part of it and evaluate it. The entire system MUST be evaluated as a whole system for it to work. Below are some of the documented success of implementing six sigma.

Using all the steps along with measurement techniques can and does improve process performances and reduces cost.


Some common tools, techniques, and unit of measurements to achieve six sigma:
Cause and Effect diagram also known as a Fishbone Diagram
Cp/Cpk (Process Capability) DFSS-Design for Six Sigma
DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control Control Charts
DPMO - Defects per Million Opportunities DOE - Design of Experiments
PDCA – Plan Do Check Act Tolerance Design
R & R Repeatability and Reproducibility SPC - Statistical Process Control

Six Sigma Successes

There have been many Six Sigma success stories. Including:

Examples of Fort Wayne Indiana’s Six Sigma trained black belt program:

  • Water main costs were reduced from $61.00 per foot to $50.00 per foot.
  • Numbers of days to get Improvement Location Permits were reduced from 51 days to 12 days.
  • 50% reduction for transportation engineering projects change orders.
  • Numbers of fire code re-inspections were increased by 23% while reducing the number of days for re-inspection from 51 to 34 days.
  • Missed trash pick-ups reduced by 50%
  • Response for pothole complaints reduced from 21 to 3 hours.

In Engineering and Construction, Bechtel, on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project in the UK, the project team uncovered a way to save hundreds of job hours on one of the tunneling jobs.

In healthcare, North Carolina Baptist Hospital says, "The Six Sigma process improvement deployment at North Carolina Baptist Hospital is starting to show the kind of results that convert skeptics to believers." and "A Six Sigma process improvement team charged with getting heart attack patients from the Emergency Department into the cardiac catheterization lab for treatment faster slashed 41 minutes off the hospital’s mean time"

Six Sigma-Based Methodology A Motorola/3M Case Study

According to the The Institute of Quality Assurance …

  • ‘Wipro reports successes in its first year. "First of all, we now have a common language across our divisions." … "Defects are steadily falling in cylinder manufacturing,"
  • "Although Motorola has made huge reductions in defect rates, it has not yet achieved Six Sigma overall. Motorola now considers itself a 5.7 sigma company. While Six Sigma is a noble goal, the rate of improvement is what is important. It has saved Motorola billions of dollars in costs (in terms of scrap and re-work)"
  • "Six sigma was appealing because it is pretty straightforward," says James Bailey, executive vice president and corporate quality officer for Citibank.

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