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Our Six Sigma look up table replacement software
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Minimum System Requirements:

  • Min. 155 Mhz Pentium with 16 Meg. Ram
  • Min. 20 Meg. Hard Drive
  • Min. 640x480 Screen Size
  • To use with a network drive, you MUST purchase a site license.

The Features You Want

  • Cut and paste charts and data into other software
  • Uses a Microsoft Access97 Database
  • Works with or without Microsoft Office Products
  • Export CVS file
  • Export to Excel Spread Sheet
  • Very Easy to use and low cost
  • Smaller than some others by about 30 Meg. (NO BLOATED CODE HERE)
  • Better than Excel to store and evaluate data
  • Less than $100.00 (USD)

Cpk-Sigma-Calc is a program that replaces the six sigma look up table. It is based on an Excel spread sheet formula. The table was made in Excel and put into this software. It stores the results of the calculation in a database for evaluation. The formula used produces what some call a short term sigma value.

This application is perfect if you want to start evaluation of a process and your not quite sure where to start. Use it for any application where there is a desire to measure quality performance.  Some examples are...

Form Evaluations

Use the number of forms evaluated, like 200

Use the number of opportunities for a mistake, if there are 10 questions on the form, then the number would be 10. If one of the 10 questions have parts A and B, then the number would be 12.

Use the number of actual errors found.

Production Welds

Use the number of parts welded, like 100

Use the number of opportunities for a mistake, like 100 welds per piece

Use the number of actual bad welds found.

This table correlates with the table found in the Rath & Strong's Six Sigma Pocket Guide. The range of the look up table is...

Sigma DPMO Yield Cpk
0.000 933192.77120654900000000000 0.066807228793451 0.0000000
0.025 929893.69388668900000000000 0.070106306113311 0.0083333


Sigma DPMO Yield Cpk
23.950 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 7.9833333
23.975 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 7.9916667
24.000 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 8.0000000

Note that at about 9.5 sigma, DPMO and Yield become ineffective for use.

Sigma DPMO Yield Cpk
9.450 0.00000000088817800000 0.999999999999999 3.1500000
9.475 0.00000000077715600000 0.999999999999999 3.1583333
9.500 0.00000000066613400000 0.999999999999999 3.1666667
9.525 0.00000000055511200000 0.999999999999999 3.1750000
9.550 0.00000000044408900000 1.000000000000000 3.1833333
9.575 0.00000000033306700000 1.000000000000000 3.1916667
9.600 0.00000000033306700000 1.000000000000000 3.2000000
9.625 0.00000000022204500000 1.000000000000000 3.2083333
9.650 0.00000000022204500000 1.000000000000000 3.2166667
9.675 0.00000000011102200000 1.000000000000000 3.2250000
9.700 0.00000000011102200000 1.000000000000000 3.2333333
9.725 0.00000000011102200000 1.000000000000000 3.2416667
9.750 0.00000000011102200000 1.000000000000000 3.2500000
9.775 0.00000000011102200000 1.000000000000000 3.2583333
9.800 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 3.2666667
9.825 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 3.2750000
9.850 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 3.2833333
9.875 0.00000000000000000000 1.000000000000000 3.2916667

Uses the same simple user interface found in our ZeroRejects software. Interface is based on Microsoft Standards.

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (Screen Shot)

 After you enter a service or part number, you can enter a characteristic.

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (Edit Dialog)

To enter the typical or goal information, fill in one field, like sigma for typical and enter 3. Press the fill in fields button, and the DPO, DPMO/PPM, Yield and Cpk, (process capability), values will be filled in for you. This information can be displayed on the charts.

The above characteristic is used for all samples. After the above is finished, start entering the number of samples observed and the number found to be in error.

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (Edit Dialog)

Press the calculate button to see the results, or just enter them into the database.

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (Data Grid)

Select several rows of data to start a control chart.

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (DPMO Chart)

Note our chart control panel. Right-Clicking anywhere on the chart will un-hide the chart control panel.

With all the charts, it can be difficult to actually see if you are improving or not. The �Regression� line shows you this. You can see flocculation or variations in your process capabilities. Over time this can tell you how often you need to sample just for one thing.

Track sigma...

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (Sigma Chart)

or Yield..

Cpk-Sigma-Calc (Yield Chart)

This is the easiest way to track for six sigma design margins. It is taught by all 6 Sigma trainers and consultants, and in most if not all six-sigma books.


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