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Process map (flowchart)

A graphical representation of a process or procedure that shows in a ?flow? type style, all actions, conclusion place and the like should be represented. It is used to detect imperfections in a process. Usually consists of using Flowcharts and Block Diagrams.

Commonly the graph contains starting points to the process and sub-processes, an ending points to the process and sub-processes, inputs, (where something is injected into the process), outputs, (where a product or sub-product, kits and the like), are removed from the process, and other potential direction and/or decisions that could lead in another potential direction are included. Like decisions boxes, etc.

Many times to map an entire process in detail will require several sub-process maps as well as an overview process map or a Complex Block Diagram.

Using flowcharts can aid in implementing a successful six sigma program.

Also see Process design, PQ – Process Performance Qualification, Process improvement, and Process management.

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