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A tool used in six sigma to arrange and order by importance a list of ideas, problems, common causes, and the like. The list may typically consist of a controllable few items, usually 3-5 items.

It is a group effort where each and every member of the group is allowed to give a number of importance to each item. Those items receiving the highest rankings from the group should get further attention/consideration first.

Add together like items if possible to decrease redundancy. Items are typically lettered. One could use a Affinity chart or diagram to achieve this.

To use this process, first count the items and divide by 5 to get a number of possible votes per team member. Vote on the whole list of items. Each team member has a set number of votes, and can spread them out any way they wish (i.e. if one wishes, all votes could be placed for one single item). Group and count the high scores from the voting activity.

Perform a second vote on only the highly score items from the first vote to narrow possible opportunities for an error.

Could be used in conjunction with a criteria matrix

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