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Histogram, Distribution, or Frequency Plot

Control chart used to graphically characterize the frequency of measurements, the distribution of measurements and/or how well measurements may or may not be centered for any given population of a process, product or services. Typically is part of most all statistical process control and six sigma activities.

Histogram or Frequency Plot Example

Most charts today also will allow you to see the specification limits vs. how the actual data is plotted. Chart scale should be in units if sigma, (standard deviation), based in the sample data collected using a systematic sampling plan and percentage for each bar.

Our software's distribution control chart lays out the scale in units of sigma to allow you to perceive the Z value and draws a bell shaped curve around the specification and the data to allow a visual representation of the process shift. ZeroRejects features page has much more on how our distribution chart looks. It makes doing statistical process control charts easy. And at only $150.00, (USD), our software can get you going quickly.


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