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Design Life

The expect life of a product by design or it's endurance, durability, or how long it will perform while meeting the minimum specifications or customer requirements. Can also be the length of time till t he product becomes obsolete.

Could also refer to the life or endurance of a process. Example, machine ware out, space shortages, etc. The unit of measurement for design life could be expressed in units of time such as years, hours, miles, cycles, etc. Should be based on a baseline measurement.

A good example are light bulbs. Light bulbs could be designed to last forever. But doing so would mean fewer light bulbs produced, and would thus raise the cost of a light bulb to perhaps well over 50% of the current cost. So if you were to break a light bulb or install new lighting, it could cost $100 or more for each bulb unit.

Products could be tested using an accelerated life test, (ALT) with MTBF, (Mean Time Between Failure), MTTF, (Mean Time To Failure), and a Bathtub curve.

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