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Green Belt or Greenbelt
Black Belt or Blackbelt
Master Black Belt

The 'belt' association with six sigma ranks an employee's experience with 6 sigma projects. Starting with a Green Belt and progressing to a Master Black Belt, each level has its own requirements to be certified. These are people that are trained in Six Sigma using DMAIC, (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) typically using statistical process control techniques with a control plan to monitor process management goals. The length of time and number of projects that is required for each level is listed below.

Green Belt
Typically an apprentice in training to become a Black Belt. This level typically utilizes statistical and quality control techniques 2% to 5% of time, (about 1-2 hrs/week), and does in house consulting and training. On average completing a minimum of 2 projects per Year

Black Belt
A team leader. Accountable for project improvements to the completion of the process. The Black Belt is a mentor for a Green Belt. Typically operates 5% to 10% of Time, (about 2-4 hrs/week), and provides consulting and training. About 4 projects per year on average.

Master Black Belt
A mentor for Green and Black Belts. Typically accountable for initiating project or process improvement plans and monitors those plans to the completion of the process. Will do six sigma projects 80% to 100% of the time. Also will do consulting, mentoring, and training with 2 to 10 projects a year.

Also see Champion.

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