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DO - Defect opportunity

Typically used in six sigma, a kind of possible defect of a unit or throughput (input/output) that is important to the customer requirements or specification, at any place in a process, procedure, or service where a defect could occur. This could also be called part steps.

Example, a form with 10 questions would have at least 10 opportunities for a defect. If one of the 10 questions is a multiple choice, like A, B, C, and D, then the DO calculation could be 13. 10 - 1(for the one multiple choice) + 4 (one for each choice of the multiple choice question)

Any place or anytime a defect could occur. This number may have to be lowered for practical reasons in order to be used properly. For example, if the probability is extremely small that the defect could occur, then it should not be used unless process improvements have eliminated all other types of defect opportunities.

Also see our free software to help in various calculations used with defect opportunities as well as DPMO, (Defects per Million Opportunities), and DPO, (Defects per Opportunity).

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