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Pareto Chart or Juran Diagram

A quality tool, also called a Juran diagram, that is based the Pareto Principle, which uses attribute or discrete data with the data arranged in descending order, and with the most occurrences shown first. May use a cumulative line to mark percentages for each group or bar, which distinguishes the Pareto Principal or the 80/20 rules that states 20 percent of items will cause 80 percent of the problems.

The example below is from the Dale H. Besterfield, Ph.D. book, Quality Control Sixth Edition, that includes a CD of Excel macros.

Paint Nonconformities



Freq. Percent Cumulative %
2 Lt. Spray 582 30.9 30.9
7 Runs 434 23.1 54.0
3 Drips 227 12.1 66.1
1 Blister  212 11.3 77.4
5 Splatter 141 7.5 84.8
6 Bad Paint 126 6.7 91.5
4 Overspray 109 5.8 97.3
8 Other 50 2.7 100.0
Pareto Chart Example

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