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Six Sigma SPC (Statistical Process Control)
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A 6 Sigma Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/ME


A resource for Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control. Please try our Free Six Sigma DPMO/PPM, Cpk, Sigma, Yield Lookup Table Calculator Software
includes a converter and dynamic links to Microsoft Excel

You No Longer Have To Spend $200, $300, $400, Or More For SPC Software With Features You Will Never Use. No More Look Up Tables In Excel. No More Operator Errors Or Messing Up Spreadsheets. ZeroRejects Can Be Use For Six Sigma Or To Calculate Data For Conventional Statistical Process Control.

Our software can be used for six sigma, benchmarking, capability studies, and a variety of other uses at a cost you can get a return on … fast, no matter if you are a Green Belt, a Master Black Belt or no belt at all. There’s no reason to try to teach your staff, especially if you have a large turnover, a complex piece of SPC software. Our products eliminate those problems due to their ease of use, and the economical price gets you a return on the investment quick. Even if you use a more complex piece of software for the bulk of your data plotting, our products still should have a place in your arsenal. If you know how to install Windows software, we can get you making your charts in about 30 minutes. All you have to do is call us. We don’t charge for support calls.

ZeroRejects and Cpk-Sigma-Calc are Simple and Easy To Use six sigma software that can also be used for  SPC, (statistical process control). These software applications will calculate sigma, (Standard Deviation), Mean, X-Bar, Range, Cp, and Cpk, (process capability). Software is based on original Six Sigma training from the ‘Motorola Training and Education Center’, a forerunner to the Motorola University and the Motorola public domain software Jim Winings wrote for them in 1986 when the Communications Sector started to implement the methodologies of six sigma. It can be used for any quality assurance plan that requires statistics.

We have initiated new concepts into ZeroRejects that no one else had. Like plotting a second bell shape curve around the specification and the data. This is what six sigma is all about. The drift between the specification and the actual data measured. To see what our customers say, visit our features page.

Cpk-Sigma-Calc replaces the Six Sigma look-up table or spreadsheet macro and stores the data in a database, which is more practical, and allows you to make control charts of your discrete or attribute data.

Maybe you are a company just starting to utilize a quality assurance plan, or you already have a quality control program running and just need a more cost effective solution for a better Return On the Net Investment. The price of our software will not break smaller companies and allows larger companies to run the network version for more than a reasonable cost. And the network versions are the easiest to administer, there are no seeds or number of user limits. Simply install the software on the computers you want to run it on and your done.

You can reduce your 6 Sigma and statistical process control training cost for your quality assurance inspectors, engineers, and perhaps suppliers and still watch processes. So make process improvement and process management task a little less painless and start monitoring your data the easy way today.

Make Six Sigma SPC’s tools part of your
6 sigma solutions today!



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Free Online Six Sigma Calculator

Defects/Opportunity (DPO)
Defects Per Million Opportunity (DPMO/PPM)
Parts Per Million, Yield and Sigma

It will calculate Defects/Opportunity (DPO), Defects/Million Opportunity (DPMO/PPM), Yield and Sigma when given the Number Of Defects, Number of Units, and Number of Opportunities.
Put this calculator on you site for free even if you do not have cgi-bin capabilities as long as you provide a link to this page. Contact us for details.

Desktop version free, faster, more accurate, and contains a converter.

To use defectives, (PPM), enter 1 for defect opportunity. Using 0, (zero), will cause an error.
An error will also occur if you results are outside of 0.1 to 6.0 sigma

  Number Of Defects
  No. of Units x No. of Opportunities

Number Of Defects

Number of Total
Units Measured
X Number of Opportunities
for a Defect

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